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Sisterhood of the Crystal Web


The Sisterhood of the Crystal Web Dreamers led by Kathleen Star Rememberer (FKA Dancing Spider Woman) celebrates the feminine and the Goddess in all women.  With the Sweet Medicine SunDance teachings as our guide, we create a container of love, hope and humour for the healing of ourselves, others, and all life on Grandmother Earth.  The Sisterhood gathers for full moon purification lodges.


Purification Lodge October 9

The Sisterhood will gather for the first time since March 2020.  We are very grateful to have the opportunity to be together again.  It is fitting that it will be on Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend.  We will gather for a purification lodge dedicated to Spirit and give prayers of thanksgiving for all that we have learned in the space of not meeting.

The Sisterhood welcomes all Sisters and is a very good place to introduce the Sweet Medicine Teachings

Mark these dates in your calendar - November 7      December 6

Register for one of the Sisterhood Gatherings.

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