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History of the
Black Lightning Lodge

Black Lightning Lodge was formed in 1990 by Barbara Butterfly Dreamer and John Cloud Hands out of a desire to bring to the people the beauty and power of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Teachings to the Toronto area.

They chose the name Black Lightning because black lightning is the potential for growth which is contained within a seed.  It is this potential that remains latent within the seed until the right conditions are present for this energy to burst forth, produce growth and birth a new plant into the world.  

In the beginning they presented classes and ceremonies as well as bringing other teachers of this path, including Swiftdeer Thunderstrikes, to Toronto . This was a time of fast expansion and great excitement for the Lodge as people from all walks of life became involved in the lodge activities.

Laurie Ledgerwood took over the lodge until 1998.

Grandmother Anne Weaves Hope has led the Black Lightning Lodge since 2005 ensuring that the Lodge continued to grow and expand to support the people coming for teaching and experience. She has been a stabilizing force in keeping our community together.

Presently Linda Still Point Walker is the new Lodge Leader and is dedicated to keep that expansion going and make the Black Lightning Lodge an attraction to those seeking the teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path.

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