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Other Sweet Medicine Sundance Lodges in our Area

There are a number of other lodges in our area that the Black Lightning Lodge works with and supports. Together we work together as the Rainbow Bridge Leaders Group and create events such as the Summer Ceremonial Week programs for our community.

Here is their contact information if you are interested in their programs.

Earth Spirit Lodge

Ottawa, Ontario

Barbara Earth Heart Guardian

Flowering Moon Dragon Lodge

Haliburton, Ontario

Stephanie Moon Elk Guardian

Lodge of the Dancing Dragon

Thornbury, Ontario

Teresa  Matamoros


T: 519-599-7784

Upcoming Events:

September Friday 29th

October Sat 28th

November Sun 26th

December Fri 29th

January Saturday 27th

February Sat 24th

March Mon 25th

April Saturday 19th

May Sat 25th

Wind Riders Lodge

Nobleton, Ontario

Nancy Heart Song

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 23, Oct 14, Nov 18, Dec 16, Jan 20, Feb 17,

Mar 16, Apr 20, May 18, & June 16.

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