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Purification Lodge

The Purification Lodge is an ancient ceremony that has been practised in  many forms throughout the world. The heat of the fire is brought  into  the lodge because of the generosity of the Stone People who hold this  energy so that we may transform and expand.


This is an opportunity to pray and heal while reconnecting with Grandmother Earth and the Spirit World. Join us in the Purification Lodge for the cleansing of emotions, body, mind and spirit.

We invite both men and women over 18 to join us for this ceremony. We welcome people who have not experienced this ceremony before.

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If you have not experienced the Black Lightning Lodge Purification Lodge before, please contact Linda Still Point Walker for more information and the location.

Our next Community Purification Lodge is April 23 and May 21

Because the numbers will be limited it is essential to email to reserve your space.

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