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The Black Lightning Lodge is located in the Greater Toronto area and is home of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path teachings and ceremonies, a shamanic path of healing. It is a community of people committed to accessing heart and spirit through a variety of groups, events and ceremonies that transform and heal. 

For those seeking empowerment through personal growth and spiritual development, the sacred knowledge embodied in these teachings and ceremonies provides powerful and effective tools for personal transformation.

Our first event of the year will be a ceremony September 25.

The Black Lightning Lodge is now led by Linda Still Point Walker.

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About Us

Black Lightning Lodge is committed to providing the Shamanic teachings and ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path to all those who want to find healing for themselves and the world they live in.   Through learning, healing, and ceremony, we offer opportunities for empowerment through personal self growth and development.  We are all beings of the Earth but without Grandmother Earth and her abundance, there would be no life of any kind on this planet.  In our present society we forget this fact and are now out of balance with our world.  Many of our traditional social, economic, political and religious systems are breaking down and we need knowledge tools to help us as civilization changes.  The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path contains much ancient and modern wisdom that can be an integral part of this process.


Shamanism forms the basis of this path.  Until this century, Shamanism was the most practiced form of healing on the planet.  The practitioner of Shamanism works with energy, the unseen or spirit world. either for their own or someone else's healing.  The techniques and practices are numerous and varied.  They include individual techniques of discipline, crystal work, and full Shamanic healings.  We provide the opportunity for those who are interested to take part in group and personal ceremony, teachings and community celebrations for their own self growth and development and their own integration into a new way of being.    As the knowledge is assimilated, participants will begin to integrate their own aspects of self; the emotions, body, mind, spirit and sexuality.  People from all walks of life join us for our activities.  Beginners, those who have studied other spiritual ways as well as those who study this path will find something for themselves within the teachings, groups, ceremonies and community events. 

Black Lightning Lodge was formed in 1990 by Barbara Butterfly Dreamer and John Thunder Wolf out of a desire to bring to the people the beauty and power of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Teachings.  They chose the name Black Lightning because black lightning is the potential for growth which is contained within a seed.  It is this potential that remains latent within the seed until the right conditions are present for this energy to burst forth, produce growth and birth a new plant into the world.  In the same way the Lodge wishes to offer to those who are interested in the Shamanic Way the best conditions for spiritual growth and self discovery. 


In the beginning they presented classes and ceremonies as well as bringing other teachers of this path, including Swiftdeer Thunderstrikes, to Toronto . This was a time of fast expansion and great excitement for the Lodge as people from all walks of life became involved in the lodge activities.

Today the Lodge, led by Grandmother Anne Waves Hope since 2005,  is a home for those seeking the ceremonies and teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path.  Knowing that the Universe is expanding and that the vibrational level of the earth is speeding up, the lodge continues to grow and keep pace with this expansion.  With the assistance of other leaders the Lodge provides for Brotherhood and Sisterhood gatherings, a Drum Team, and other Community activities including Purification Lodges, Rites of Passage, Solstice and Equinox ceremonies and an annual Eagle Dance. The Lodge leaders are committed to excellence and to having the lodge provide its services with impeccability and beauty.